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Our sister company Sugar Snap Lane has fantastic knit and crochet wear you can get PLUS you can download patterns in case you want to make something yourself!

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Sandi has inspired me with her endurance and never give hope attitude to pursue many dreams that once stayed tucked away in my mind. I would have never thought that I could have attained and used my skills in social media for my own business, or help people with their fitness goals, while getting fit myself without her encouragement.

Her heart for caring and going first in whatever journey you are on matters so much. If you are looking for a place where you can find not only amazing skills, but positive spot to be you, this is it!

Sarah Hall

I am taking away a ton of encouragement! I am less afraid to take the next steps knowing that it doesn’t have to perfect out of the gate.


There were so many things that I’ve learned this week! This group has been AMAZING! … I think the favorite thing(s) I learned this week is all of the ways you can successfully use social media to promote… Thanks so much Sandi Savage for doing this group! I’ve learned so much and I know my own ministry is going to be closer to 6 months to a year in the planning phase before launching – but I’m excited about what’s next!


I’ve really gotten some traction and some good ideas but most of all, it gave me courage to believe in what I’m selling and to take some risks that I was scared to jump into. I took a risky step today and had it pay off HUGE! I really appreciate you, Sandi!


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