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Here’s the deal: I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur that grew up on a farm in Kentucky and I love Creative Skills and teaching people how to launch their businesses well.
With over 25+ years experience as an entrepreneur and non-profit founder I’ve had huge wins and massive failures. All learning experiences.

I’ve worked in mega churches and church start ups. I’ve run a few of my own businesses and launched a non-profit in 2007.

And let me tell you – I believe we would all be happier making more things by hand, learning sustainable living and I know that people who have creative ideas make great entrepreneurs with a little direction and a plan. I want to help you do both of those things.
So why creative skills? Listen. I am obsessed with making sure creative skills are maintained and practiced in our every day lives.
When I was a little girl my memaw taught me to crochet, cook, sew and a million more skills. We’d drink sweet tea from mason jars and fish with cane poles on the side of the creekbank at my childhood home. We’d walk around our football field size garden with mom and plant veggies we would later can and pick greens that we would cook down with ham hock and smother in vinegar.
When you grow up on a farm you learn life skills that so many people don’t know today. In the age of fast food, fast everything – a part of our culture is becoming lost.
That’s why here at Savage Life Skills we will have courses around learning creative skills, cultivating your art and learning to rock your biz.
We’ll be putting up courses for you and we’ll also have the Members Club that’ll have access to ALL the courses.
For those of you that just want to learn one particular skill you can purchase the entire class separately. If you want to join in on ALL the fun – join the ALL ACCESS option on the courses page!

As a member of the ALL ACCESS group you will get access to ALL COURSES (like – how to launch your business, how to rock Facebook ads, how to knit etc)  as well as access to our EXCLUSIVE Community! It will also include live Q and A’s each month and have separate masterclasses only available to members.

So Who am I?

If you’re the type that likes to read the professional stuff: It’s HERE.

OK y’all – I am OBSESSED with building communities of people where we help each other accomplish our goals!

So where’d that passion come from? Well, in 2002, I’d been living in Mexico City for 8 years and doing a job that was draining the life from me.  I felt alone, isolated and like no one understood me. So, I gathered my strength and a suitcase of clothes and headed back to my home state of Kentucky. I started attending a church there and developed this huge passion for starting groups. I started a recovery group for women that struggled with addiction and it grew to be one of the largest in the United States. I then launched a non-profit to support women who worked in my previous industry and it spread to multiple cities and states. I started creating groups all over the place. Groups around books, online study groups, health and fitness groups, groups of musicians, groups teaching people crafts like knitting, groups to help people understand social media, bible studies and groups to help people start their businesses.

If you looked from the outside – it seemed random. There were all these different topics – BUT – the thread that tied them together was doing it all in community!

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Before you go

I want to invite your to join my email list community.

By signing up (it’s free), you’ll get weekly blogs to your inbox that cover some basic skills and inspirational thoughts to get you through the week.

You’ll also get invitations to any free, live workshops I host online (they’re gonna rock) and be the first to hear when membership to our online community opens.

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