Easy Delish Breakfast


Good morning! Here is an easy and delish breakfast! Recipe from my sister - sooooo good!! Heat in a skillet a can of salsa and pinto beans, cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper, then cook an

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Breakfast for Lunch?


Breakfast for lunch? Yep. Here's the recipe: In a skillet heat up a little chicken. (I used some from a rotisserie chicken) Add spinach, chopped tomatoes, a little garlic, a little salt and sauté till

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Zucchini Noodles with Mushrooms


This is delish! I am LOVING spiraled zucchini noodles and it is SO HEALTHY! So here is a recipe for you from me! Zucchini Noodles for 2 with Mushrooms: Time: 15 Minutes, longer if you

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Just Start!


I have a long history of a battle with eating right and getting in shape. I had bouts of eating poorly and losing a lot of weight, but not being healthy or strong. Then

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In 10 Days


10 days. Just 10 days. I looked at these pics this morning and cried from joy of how much better I feel today. Strong and healthy. I knew I had gained weight, that most of

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Healthy Eating


Yummo healthy lunch today! Rice, black beans and sautéed shrimp and tomatoes with a little red cabbage and cauliflower salad- yes!!‪#‎HealthySavages‬ ‪#‎HealthyEating‬

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