What a Week…


Well y'all - after this week I needed to whip up some comfort food. (btw - if you want it gluten free just use the 4 1/2 cups each of the rice and corn chex,

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Are You Unashamed?


We have all felt it. Hanging over us like a heavy wet towel. The... I'm (fill in the blank). I'm not smart. I'm overweight. I'm not good enough. Those crazy voices in our mind that

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Sanity Break


Taking a sanity break! I've been deep in web design the past few days and now... just a little break dreaming about my next quilt design 💕where are my quilters out there? I thoroughly believe

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What Holds You Back?


What are things that hold you back in life? For me - for so long I worried about what people would think. Would they agree with my choices, would they support me, would they love

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1. If you haven't read any Brene Brown you should. 2. It's so important to explore your creative side y'all. If you are constantly just doing tasks you are missing out! I know people think

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