New Years Day Abundance Lunch

When I was little, every New Year’s Day my memaw would whip up some black eyed peas and cabbage. The cabbage always had a penny cooked with it. There is an old wives tale that cabbage cooked with a penny and eaten with black eyed peas would bring good luck and prosperity for the year. So this year I decided to whip up an elevated version of my own. But don’t worry. I still cooked my cabbage with a penny. The black eyed peas I found were quick cook which made everything so much easier! I found them in the organic section of my grocery store.

To make the beans, you boil 4 cups of unsalted water and add the beans once it start to boil. Set your timer for 20 minutes and just let them cook. Meanwhile, get a skillet out and take 4 cut up slices of bacon, 1/2 a red onion rough chopped, a little celery salt and pepper and fry them up together. Once they have browned, add 2 heaping teaspoons of flour, keep stirring and let the flour brown. Then once everything is good and brown, add 1 cup of beef stock, stir, then add the the black eyed peas along with the water they have been cooking in. Mix it all up and keep it warm.

For the cabbage I cut 2 one inch thick sections of the cabbage, and drizzled olive oil, smeared garlic and added a little salt and pepper and baked them in a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. Then I cut up abut 2 cups of cabbage and steamed them in a skillet (with a penny). Once it had gotten a little soft and the water was almost gone, I added in the sliced cabbage from the oven and mixed it together with the steamed cabbage and at this point removed the penny. By this time the water was gone and the olive oil from the baked cabbage sauteed everything nicely.

And that’s it! I did bake up some cornbread from a box mix because I thing you cant have this type of meal without a little cornbread… Just follow directions on the box for whichever brand you like. And there you have it! New Year’s Day Abundance Lunch!

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